Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Aight. I went to Cedar this weekend to visit a dear friend, and returned with a cec-copywrited idea. This love-o-meter displays the goings on of all my roommates' love lives. Having a love-o-meter has so far done nothing to improve the lack of life, but now just charts and measures the lack.
Here's how it works:
The thermometer bottom is cold, starting with 'outer darkness', moving on to 'stalker', and 'nails on a chalkboard'. Other measurements of note 'eye flirt', 'first name basis', 'eff-book buddies', 'intriguing experience','silence ISN'T golden', 'DTR' and 'Hot 'n' heavy'. Clearly we are slow movers, but we're excited about it.
Also: each sticky is a boy's hopefully unbreakable code name, with a symbol denoting which roommate is involved. Both the code names and symbols are known only to the roommates, and code detection could mean bad news.