Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Break 09: Portland

So, we had a single day off school, they called it fall break, so we went to Portland. My roommate's brother lives there, and it has theworld's largest bookstore, and a coast. No further persuasion was necessary. We left Thursday at about 2 pm (once my Latin test was done) and drove til about 1:30 am. Here are some really happy faces. Left to right: Caitlyn, Erica, Katie, Marci.

Friday, our first real day, was a Portland guided tour. We took the MAX into downtown, where it looked like it would be a truly rainy day. Luckily, it cleared up and the day was beautiful.

Top: Katie. Middle: Caitlyn, Bottomdweller: Erica

Portland Destinations: Finnegan's Toys

Say Say Boutique, The Real Mother Goose, POWELL'S BOOKS (this was one of the true draws for Portland. 2 city blocks, 4 stories. I was expecting something truly epic. Here's the entrance:

As you can see, I'm eating in this pic. There were tons of street side vendors selling ethnic food, and I can't pass up a katsudon. And, it was good. Thus the pose.

After Powell's (and spending WAY too much, though I did by one of my fav books, The Little Prince, in Latin) we wandered around everywhere. Buffalo exchange, Magpie's, Jamison Square, and went to Hot Lip's Pizza.

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The Ellis Family said...

Yay!!! You blogged! And what a blog it was...
So if you guys don't use the sunglasses pose for your Christmas card, you've really missed the boat! Loved all the pictures. Too bad you guys don't have any fun.
Cyber hugs to all!